The Definitive Toon Deck 2021 - YGOPRODeck (2024)

Toons are an archetype that gets pooped on for being so incredibly expensive but bad. Let me tell you that Toons can and are very deceiving. While it's not a top-tier meta deck Toons are unpredictable and you can often pull out surprising results. I'll go over all the cards in the deck and why we play them FAQs at the bottom

Toon Ancient Gear Golem- A worse version of Toon BLS in every way so why do we run it you might ask? I like to go into rank 8 XYZ monsters quite often so having a different level 8 monsters to search out with Toon Page-Flip makes it easier. But like I said it's a worse Toon BLS so we run an extra in the side deck so you can switch it out if not needed.

0-1 Copies Toon Black Luster Soldier- The BEST card in the deck maybe besides Toon Dark Magician. Can attack the same turn it's summoned(which is only toon card able to do so). Can be special summoned from the hand by sending cards to the grave in the hand or field whose level is 8 or more. So you could bring this card out the first turn if you wanted to. Also can banish any card on the field at the cost of not being able to attack that turn

2-3 Copies Toon Dark Magician- Another card that can be considered the best card in the deck. By discarding one Toon card you can special summon ANY Toon monster from the deck except itself (great for comboing with Red Eyes). Also instead of special summoning, you can add any Toon spell/trap to your hand.

3 Copies Toon Red-Eyes Black Dragon- Lets you special summon any Toon monster from the hand. Easy to bring out with Black Stone of Legend or Toon Dark Magician. Not as good as Dark Magician though so that's why we only run two.

0-2 Copies Toon Cyber Dragon- Literally only played so we can go into Chimeratech Megafleet Dragon. If you don't run that card don't run this one.

Copies 0-1 Toon Mermaid- One of the few Toons that can special summon itself to the field for free. It's an old Class A toon monster though so besides going into Bahamut Shark or using it as tribute fodder(If you have to do that) it's sort of useless but, it's a free summon.

2-3 Copies Toon Harpie Lady- Another card that can be special summoned from the hand plus the bonus of destroying a spell/trap card if you control another Toon Monster.

3 Copies The Black Stone of Legend- Lets you bring out a Toon Red-Eyes from the deck which in turn lets you special summon another Toon from the Hand. It can also shuffle Red-Eyes back into the deck from the graveyard while returning itself to the hand.

Copy(If you have Red-Eyes) Terraforming- This lets you get to your Toon Kingdoms which isTHE MOST ESSENTIALcard in the deck.

1 Copy Mimicat- Let's you take a monster or spell/trap from your opponent's graveyard.0-2Copies

Toon Table of Contents- Can search any Toon card from the deck. Gives you access to 96% of the deck with 1 card.

3 Copies Toon Bookmark- Amazing support card. Can search out any card that contains Toon World. Also, you can banish it from the grave to protect a Toon World or Toon Kingdom you control. Make sure to remember this card can't search out things like Toon Briefcase or TToC.

3 Copies Toon Page-Flip- Choose any 3 Toon Monsters from the deck, opponent picks 1 and random and you special summon it. It's that simple and that good.

3 Copies Comic Hand- Unbanned Snatch Steal what else can I say.

2-3 Copies Toon Kingdom- This single card is why we can even say toons are SLIGHTLY playable now. It protects all Toon Monsters from destruction by battle or card effect at the cost of banishing 1 card from the top of your deck facedown. It also counts as Toon World while on the field so it can be protected by Toon Bookmark.

3 Copies Toon World- Since Toon World is so essential even though we have Toon Kingdom and terraforming we still run 1 normal Toon World just to be safe.

0-1 Copies Toon Briefcase- A non-targeting bounce to the deck.

2-3 Copies ToonTerror- An Omni-negate lol.

2-3 Copies

Extra & Side Deck- All the cards are pretty self-explanatory on why we run them. I don't go into them much besides Number 38 and 100 but they are all there to deal with different threats you can be facing.

FAQs First or Second?This deck can do both but I prefer to go first. You almost always can get Toon Kingdom on the first turn so that gives all you Toons protection. It also lets you set up your amazing traps. Going second does have its benefits like being able to Comic Hand your opponent's boss monster for an OTK but overall I would sayFirst. Are Toons Bad?Before the support yes but after...mostly yes. Should I Attack Directly?I do most of the time. Unless your opponent has an obvious combo piece of the field. Don't forget about BLS's banish too. When To Go Into Extra Deck Monsters?For the most part, you aren't unless you can OTK with Number 100. Being able to attack directly every turn will hurt any deck but that doesn't mean it isn't there. The extra deck is mainly for protection so use it when needed. How to deal with MTS/Cosmic Vortex/HarpiesDuster?I'll be real with you for a second, your Toon World WILL be destroyed a lot. But, unlike old toon decks at least your monsters don't get destroyed. You can only try and prevent this by getting as many Toon Bookmark's in the grave as possible so always go TToC->Toon Bookmark->Desired Card.

The Definitive Toon Deck 2021 - YGOPRODeck (2024)


Who used the Toon deck in Yugioh? ›

"Toon" (トゥーン Tūn) is an archetype of cards used by Maximillion Pegasus. All Toon Monsters are "Toon" cards—including "Manga Ryu-Ran", because it has 「トゥーン」 in its Japanese name.

What type of card is Toon World? ›

Toon World is a Continuous Spell Card with the effect "Activate this card by paying 1000 LP."

What deck does Pegasus use? ›

Pegasus uses a Toon/Illusion Deck focused around the card "Toon World", a card unreleased to the public which allows him to play special Toon Monsters. Also, Pegasus plays multiple cards that allow him to take control of his opponent's monsters, which are often then turned into Toon monsters themselves.

Who uses Toon World? ›

This is Maximillion Pegasus's favorite card. It is owned only by him and is not available to the public. This card did not have a Life Point cost in the "Duelist Kingdom" arc.

What deck does Yusei play? ›

Yusei uses a Defensive/Warrior Deck, largely focused around Synchro Summoning his "Junk Warrior", and later his "Stardust Dragon".

What are the most expensive YuGiOh cards? ›

The Most Expensive YuGiOh Cards (As of 2024 - Conversion rate 0.8)
Tyler The Great Warrior$311,211£245,467
Tyr, The Vanquishing Warlord (WCPS-EN801)$198,888£156,872
Legendary Magician Of Dark (2012-EN002)$75,999£59,944
Legendary Dragon Of White (2012-EN001)$72,186£56,936
16 more rows
Jan 25, 2024

Which YuGiOh set has toon cards? ›

Magic Ruler/Spell Ruler, code MRL/SRL has the older Toon cards and Toon World.

Can you play toon cards without Toon World? ›

Toon monsters exist as separate cards than their non-Toon counterpart, with whom they share no direct in-game relationship. They are capable of attacking the opponent directly and while they benefit from the card "Toon World", they can be used without it.

Does Pegasus beat Yugi? ›

After Pegasus' devastating defeat, Yugi and his friends celebrate their victory. Yugi's Grandpa, Kaiba and Mokuba are released from the Millennium Eye's curse. Pegasus' plans to take over Kaiba Corp. is thwarted. Yugi also wins the tournament's prize money, which he gives to Jonouchi for the surgery of his sister.

What deck does Bakura use? ›

During Battle City Yami Bakura uses his Occult Deck for the first time, with a new signature boss card "Dark Necrofear".

Did Pegasus invent Yugioh? ›

The first major antagonist of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series was a flamboyant man named Maximillion Pegasus. He was the creator of the card game known as Duel Monsters, around which the entire series was based. Pegasus was also the owner of Industrial Illusions, the company that produced the Duel Monsters cards.

Who created Toon? ›

Jeff Dee came up with the idea of creating a role-playing game based on cartoons when he and Greg Costikyan were talking with several other designers about genres that no one had designed game systems for; although they agreed that such a game would be impossible to design, Costikyan designed Toon a few years later as ...

How strong is the Toon World? ›

Powers and Weaknesses

Toon World is an extremely powerful Spell Card that has the power to create Toon monsters, which are comical, but sinister counterparts of already existing monsters.

Is there a Toon Dark Magician? ›

Toon Dark Magician - The Dark Illusion (TDIL)

While you control "Toon World" and your opponent controls no Toon monsters, this card can attack your opponent directly.

Who uses dinosaurs in Yu-Gi-Oh? ›

Dinosaur cards are most notably played by Rex Raptor, Tyranno Hassleberry, Scorch and Chills, George Gore and Kan Hakubutsu. In the Falsebound Kingdom, Dinosaur-Type monsters are treated as Dragon-Type monsters.

Does Rivalry of Warlords work with toons? ›

Yes, the beloved Toons are a Deck available for the Rivalry of Warlords Tournament! These loveable cartoon creatures are easy to Special Summon, can attack directly for massive damage, and are incredibly tricky to deal with thanks to Toon Kingdom and all the other Toon Spells and Traps!

What is the origin of Toon for MMO character? ›

When you see the term toons, its usually from old school players. When on line gameing first started and MMOs came out. The characters looked like cartoons, so we called them toons.


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