Tayla and Grant: Is The Love Island Couple Still Together? (2024)

‘Love Island’ is one of the few reality TV shows that have captured the hearts and attention of people all over the globe. Known for its mix of romance, drama, and intrigue, the show has given popularity to several couples who have made their way into the hearts of their fans. Among these couples is Tayla Damir and Grant Crapp, the winner of the inaugural season of ‘Love Island Australia’ back in 2018.

Tayla, a 21-year-old with a journalism and broadcasting degree, and Grant, a 22-year-old electrician, quickly caught the attention of the audience. As winners of the show, their story was the one that seemed destined for a happily ever after, with the promise of a $50,000 cash prize that they wanted to use to relocate to Sydney together. After the show, fans anticipated a lasting love for the couple, but unfortunately, it was short-lived.

Tayla and Grant’s Love Island Journey

Tayla and Grant had an attraction as soon as they saw each other on the island, but this wasn’t enough to unite them as Tayla was coupled up with Josh, and Grant was with Cassidy. Soon, a love triangle formed as the two young women competed for Grant, but he chose to stay with Cassidy. In a controversial move, during a recoupling, Tayla snatched Grant away from Cassidy, after which their romance intensified, followed by a bathroom makeout session. With each passing challenge, including Grant being accused of having a relationship outside the villa, their love grew stronger. However, Cassidy returned to the picture later, which led to more drama.

Tayla and Grant: Is The Love Island Couple Still Together? (1)

Even though Grant briefly went back to her, Tayla was determined to fight for her relationship. The couple eventually reconciled, but Grant was adamant to apologize to Cassidy, which upset her. “She is the one that split us up as a couple! We gave her an apology when everything went down. She doesn’t need another one. I’m actually the person that needs an apology now,” Tayla said. They managed to resolve their issues and maintained their loving relationship. During a lie detector test, Grant affirmed his loyalty, attractiveness, and love for Tayla. In the end, they won ‘Love Island Australia’ and came out of the show officially as girlfriend and boyfriend.

Tayla and Grant Have Gone Their Separate Ways

Even though their ‘Love Island’ journey was filled with twists and turns, their relationship was unable to withstand the controversies and revelations in the real world. On July 19, 2018, only 2 weeks following their departure from the dating reality show, Tayla confirmed the split on her Instagram, stating, “It’s with great heartbreak that I write this post to inform everyone that Grant and I are no longer together, but will remain amicable despite the circ*mstances.” However, Grant seemed surprised with the announcement and wrote back, “This is news to me??” After the show ended, Tayla had to discover the painful truth about Grant’s relationship status.

As it turns out, the accusations that Grant had a girlfriend named Lucy Cartwright outside the villa the whole time were true. The revelations left Tayla heartbroken and even questioned how authentic his feelings were on the show.However, Grant continued to deny the rumors and wrote on his Instagram, “Going into Love Island, that girl totally knew I was going in there, so I did break up with her before Love Island, so it was finished.” In an interview with WHO, Tayla opened up, saying, “Obviously, there were more reasons as to why we broke up other than just a rumored girlfriend. There were pretty clear signs they were still talking, and I wasn’t going to be the other girl. It was all the lies that got to me, at the end of the day.”

She further added, “I’d ask him, ‘Have you spoken to her?’ and he’d say, ‘No,’ but then there were text messages proving that he was. I would see it on his phone. It was one thing after another, and stories weren’t adding up. My gut was telling me to get out, so I listened. I knew I had to get out.” Fans didn’t take this news well and even asked Grant to give the money back to Tayla, which he refused. In the aftermath of the breakup, Grant took to his Instagram and posted a series of videos asking Tayla to take him back. However, the damage had been done, but it was evident that Tayla had made her decision.

Just weeks after the split, Grant announced on social media that he and Lucy had rekindled their romance, and the two have been together ever since. They also have two children together: a daughter named Charli and a son named Levi. Tayla also moved on from the relationship and dated fellow Islander Dom Thomas for a while, but it didn’t last long. Then, she started dating AFL star Nathan Broad and the two tied the knot on October 17, 2022. They took another step in their relationship and welcomed their first child together, an adorable baby girl named Samara, on August 12, 2023.

The story of Tayla and Grant serves as a reminder that the path to love isn’t always straight, especially when external factors like fame and secrets come into play. While their time on the show brought them together, the time after the show tested the strength of their bond and ultimately led to their separation. Fortunately, both of them have now found the true love of their lives, and we wish Tayla and Grant nothing but happiness and success in their respective personal and professional endeavors.

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Tayla and Grant: Is The Love Island Couple Still Together? (2024)


Tayla and Grant: Is The Love Island Couple Still Together? ›

They've since split, but Tayla Damir and Dom Thomas, a latecomer to the Love Island Australia Villa, confirmed they were dating in October 2018, a few months after the finale aired. (Tayla won the show with Grant Crapp, but they split shortly after the show ended.)

Are Tayla and Grant still together from Love Island? ›

Tayla and Grant: BROKEN UP. All over red rover for Grant and Tayla. It's all over for the poster couple despite their grand plans to use their $50K cash prize to relocate to Sydney. “[We're] going to use the money to move to Sydney together,” Tayla told Now To Love before their split.

Are any Love Island Australia couples still together? ›

Claudia Bonifazio and Austen Bugeja. Winners of last year's Love Island Australia, Claudia and Austen – or 'Clausten' if we want to go by their couple name – are still going strong! Fans had their hearts captured by Clausten's Villa romance in Season 4.

Are Josh and Anna still together on Love Island? ›

Anna and Josh, the winners of Love Island Australia Season 2, appeared solid in their relationship following the show, and even moved in together in Melbourne. Sadly, they announced their breakup on November 1, 2020.

Why did Amelia and Josh break up? ›

Amelia put their breakup down to the two being "very different people". "There were parts of me and Josh that just didn't mesh." The TV star explained that during their relationship, people would tell her that Josh was out of her league, so she put Josh on "such a high pedestal".

How long did Eden and Erin stay together? ›

Erin and Eden

Just two months after the final, the pair shared a joint statement with news of their split. "We wanted to share with you, that after much deliberation, we have quietly parted ways.

Which couples from Love Island Australia season 1 are still together? ›

Josh and Amelia: Still together

There's at least one Love Island Australia season 1 success story - Josh Moss and Amelia Plummer. The couple made things official after leaving the Spanish villa and are still together today.

Who's still together from Love Island Australia season 2? ›

Since last year's winners called quits, after what seemed like 10 minutes of dating, we had low expectations for the relationships coming out of Love Island Australia season two. Well, it turns out second time really does work a charm, as winners Anna McEvoy and Josh Packham are still as loved-up as ever.

Did Josh and Amelia stay together? ›

Amelia and Josh, who met on Season 1 of Love Island Australia in 2018, announced their split in May 2022. They both posted messages to Instagram to confirm the shock news. "Josh and I have decided to split," Amelia's message began.

Did Grant have a girlfriend on Love Island? ›

Grant won Season 1 of Love Island Australia with Tayla Damir after the pair formed a romantic connection. It was later discovered that Grant had a secret girlfriend outside the Villa – Lucy. Following the news, Grant and Tayla split and Grant and Lucy rekindled their romance.

Are Cassidy and Tayla still friends? ›

Cassidy loathed Tayla after she snaked Grant from her, but they managed to become friends. Close friends in fact, with Tayla offering guy advice on the Josh/Dom situation and Cassidy happily opening up.

Are Jack and Justine still together? ›

Love Island Games champions Jack Fowler and Justine Joy Ndiba have split, four months after winning the Love Island spinoff together.

How long did Josh and Anna stay together after Love Island? ›

Winners of Love Island Australia Season 2, Josh Packham and Anna McEvoy, have sadly announced their break up, a year after falling in love on the show.

Did Josh and Anna have another baby? ›

Josh Duggar and Anna Keller

Josh and wife Anna have the largest family of all the Duggar kids. Together, they welcomed Mackynzie in 2009, Michael in 2011, Marcus in 2013, Meredith in 2015, Mason in 2017, Maryella in November 2019 and Madyson in November 2021.

Are Amelia and Josh still together? ›

Amelia and Josh, who met on Season 1 of Love Island Australia in 2018, announced their split in May 2022.

How long did Tayla and Dom dating? ›

That might explain why Dom was accused of lying when he was asked if he fancied Tayla during the lie detector game. They dated for just under a year before splitting in June 2019.

Did Eden from Love Island have a girlfriend? ›

Eden Dally didn't find love during his series, but he's now in a happy relationship with Married At First Sight's Cyrell Paule. They couple have been together since 2019, and welcomed their son Boston Eden Dally in February 2020.


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