Kauai's Top Local Movers | Best Moving Company in Kauai (2024)


Kauai's Top Local Movers | Best Moving Company in Kauai (1)

Trust Royal Hawaiian Movers for all your local moving needs: residences, offices, and more

Kauai's Top Local Movers | Best Moving Company in Kauai (2)

For most who make the move, moving to Kauai is moving to paradise. And Royal Hawaiian Movers, your premier Kauai mover, can make relocating to Kauai as peaceful and easy as it is to live there.

From your front door on the mainland — or anywhere — to your new home in Kauai, our moving professionals combine both the local knowledge and global expertise to make relocating your household, or business, an easier and more affordable undertaking.

We provide moving services to all cities in Kauai: Anahola, Eleele, Hanalei, Hanamaulu, Hanapepe, Kalaheo, Kapaa, Kaumakani, Kealia, Kekaha, Kilauea, Koloa, Lawai, Lihue, Makaweli, Princeville, Waimea

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Local Hawaiian Move Services
We Can Help You With

Shipping household items and cargo to Kauai

With Royal Hawaiian Movers, we can cover as much or as little of your move to Kauai as you prefer.

Want door-to-door service that includes installation and assembly of furniture shipped to Kauai? We do that. Looking to simply go port-to-port from Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, or just about anywhere on the US western seaboard? We can do that, too.

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What our
Customers are saying

  • They showed up early and immediately got to work. They accounted for all our items and safely and gently unpacked them in the desired rooms. They also removed all the packing material quickly and efficiently. I was happy with their performance and professionalism.-Matthew C

  • They were so efficient, careful and professional! I'm a local girl, my husband is military and he's been through numerous moves but, Nino and his team was the best movers he had! Like true local style, we had to get these guys some breakfast bentos from Zippy's to show gratitude for moving our things with such care. I hope when we receive our household good here in Washington, I hope to have a team like Nino, Raymark and Brayden to help us with our things. Thank you guys for all your hard work!-Eriel V.

  • Having dealt with various moving companies and their crews in the past 30 years, I can confidently say that this crew from Royal Hawaiian Movers was exceptional. They worked tirelessly for a whopping 12 hours, displaying an incredible work ethic. It was evident that they took great pride in their work and were dedicated to ensuring the safe transport and unpacking of my belongings.-Coleman Skillingstad

  • I was beyond impressed with Royal Hawaiian Movers and the exceptional job they did with our delivery/unpack. Communication prior to the delivery day was wonderful and the crew was on time, courteous, and efficient. They were careful with our things and asked where I would like items placed. Before they left, they made sure there wasn't anything else I needed and made sure nothing was damaged. During a time of PCS stress, Royal Hawaiian Movers was a beautiful breath of fresh air! I would highly recommend them to anyone.-Sarah Grabill

  • From the first phone call for an estimate to the last handshake, our moving experience from O'ahu to Big Island was a positive experience. We don't own a lot of expensive stuff, but the movers treated everything like it was fragile treasure. Layers of communication, efficiency, punctuality, kindness, respect, and professionalism were greatly appreciated. Our move was virtually stressless!-Nancy Campbell

  • I recently relocated from Germany to Oahu and entrusted Royal Hawaiian Movers with the daunting task of transporting my 10,000 pounds of household furniture to my new home. I am thrilled to say that they exceeded my expectations in every way possible, and I wholeheartedly give them a well-deserved five-star rating!From the moment they arrived, the Royal Hawaiian Movers team impressed me with their friendliness and professionalism. They genuinely cared about ensuring my satisfaction and repeatedly asked for guidance on where items needed to be placed or moved. Their attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile truly stood out.-Coleman Skillingstad

  • If I could give more than 5 stars I would. From the first contact, the phone call to arrange delivery to the delivery itself, Royal Hawaiian could not have been more friendly or more accommodating. When our schedule did not allow a planned two day delivery, our contact at Royal Hawaiian checked with her manager and arranged for 5 people to be assigned to get the unpacking done in one day. The crew we had was so friendly and helpful. Who hugs their movers when they are done and ready to leave. From placing furniture where WE wanted it to piling boxes in the garage for us to go through at our leisure, every request was met with a smile and 'an of course we can do that.' For anyone moving from the mainland, we would recommend having Royal Hawaiian be part of your delivery team at this end of your journey.-Jack H.

  • Royal Hawaiian mover delivered my household good to Kona from Oahu and they were exceptional and extremely respectful! I have moved many times all over the US and this was by far the best delivery crew I had. I highly recommend Royal Hawaiian movers!☆☆☆☆☆-Danielle B.

  • Two man crew arrived within the specified time. Both were friendly and very organized. They were good about asking questions when they were unsure and also answered my questions to my satisfaction. Royal Hawaiian it's great doing business with you.☆☆☆☆☆-Edward T.

  • The movers were prompt, professional, and expedient in the delivery of my items. I was pleased with the overall service.-Kamalani J.

  • Royal Hawaiian Movers are the best it gets. They are great to work with, and make a hard job easier. They are organized and funny and believe me, I have crossed the ocean more than once with them. Only moving company I would use! A big shout out to Liane for calming my nerves. -Pheobe D.

  • The Gents were fast and efficient. They handled all of our possessions with care and were able to finish ahead of schedule. They catered to our requests and made sure we were all set before leaving. Highly recommend their services. -Santana P.

  • Kauai's Top Local Movers | Best Moving Company in Kauai (8)

    The Royal Hawaiian crew who packed and loaded our household goods were outstanding. They were courteous, fast, and responsive to any concerns we had. We would definitely use them again. Customer service called every day to make sure our experience was a good one. Michael B.

  • Kauai's Top Local Movers | Best Moving Company in Kauai (9)

    Royal Hawaiian Movers did an excellent job packing our household goods. They answered all my questions and when they were unsure of specific things that needed to be packed, they made sure to ask before doing anything. They were professional, quick, efficient, and organized. Donna M. Honolulu, HI

  • Kauai's Top Local Movers | Best Moving Company in Kauai (10)

    Royal Hawaiian Movers delivered our household goods from the East Coast and they did a wonderful job. We were very pleased with the professionalism, timeliness, and overall work. They treated our belongings with care and were very helpful and personable throughout the entire process. Caitlin N.

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Shipping pets and vehicles

There’s a rule of thumb to keep in mind when moving to Kauai (or Oahu, or Maui, or anywhere in the islands): if you can leave it behind, leave it behind. Not only will you save money on shipping belongings to Kauai, but you’ll be doing what draws many people to Kauai in the first place: leaving the material life behind.

That said, you will need to get around, and Royal Hawaiian Movers offers flexible options for shipping a vehicle (or a motorcycle) to Kauai. If you live close to a western port in Los Angeles, Oakland or Seattle, you have the choice of driving to the port yourself and we’ll take your car from there. If that doesn’t work for you, we also offer pick-up and transport of your vehicle from just about anywhere else.

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Kauai's Top Local Movers | Best Moving Company in Kauai (2024)


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