'Idiotic move,' Sam's Club members rage over new policy & threaten Costco move (2024)

'Idiotic move,' Sam's Club members rage over new policy & threaten Costco move (1)


Costco's membership has a similar issue

  • Ashley Palya, News Reporter
  • Ashley Palya, News Reporter

A CHANGE to Sam’s Club’s Plus membership plan that removed free shipping has stirred up complaints.

Sam’s Club Plus members are upset over no longer having the convenient perk with their second-tier memberships, insisting Costo could be a better option.



It costs $110 annually to be a Sam’s Club Plus member and free shipping was one of the best perks.

The other Plus perks include free curbside pickup, early access to shopping, and savings on optical services and pharmaceuticals.

The change starts on August 19 and Plus Members will only get free shipping on orders that are $50 and above.

Sam's Club Plus member Austin Wright complained about free shipping being removed on X and tagged the retailer.

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Wright insisted the Sam's Club membership was not worth it anymore and would rather become a Costco member.

“@SamsClub idiotic move getting rid of free shipping for plus members. I will take my business to Costco,” Wright posted in June.

Sam Club’s official X account was quick to reply to Wright in just about an hour.

“Hello, Austyn. Thank you for reaching out to us. We understand your frustration about this new change. Please join the pm to discuss further,” Sam’s Club said.

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Wright is not alone in his frustration over free shipping being removed.

‘Not enforced at all’ says Sam’s Club fan as work-around for little-known membership rule allows friends to shop

Another Costco shopper replied to Wright’s thread with Sam’s Club and shared how they are also unhappy about the change.

X user and Sam’s Club shopper Marylyn Carlyle chimed in on how the free shipping perk was essential for them and asked for assistance.

“Your new shipping policy is a real hardship for me. I’m disabled and I count on Sam’s shipping to get the products I need,” they replied.

“Many of the items I buy are only sold online so your new free (for $50 or more) from the warehouse makes no sense for me. Please help.”

Membership and store cards on offer from major retailers

'Idiotic move,' Sam's Club members rage over new policy & threaten Costco move (10)

Here is a breakdown of the store cards on offer to customers from various retailers and their benefits

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  • Gold Star Membership: $60 per year, shop all Costco stores and online with two additional cards for your household.
  • Executive Membership:$120 per year, annual 2% reward, additional discounts and benefits on Costco services, shop online and in-store, and get two additional cards for household use.
  • Sign up for a Costco Membership here

Sam's Club:

  • Club Membership:$50 per year, bonus offers, same-day delivery, instant savings, Sam's Club Mastercard, members-only fuel savings, tire and battery center, complimentary membership, and add-on memberships.
  • Plus Membership:$110 per year, all benefits of Club membership plus Sam's Cash, free shipping, free curbside pickup, early shopping, and pharmacy and optical savings.
  • Sign up for Sam's Club Membership here


  • Target Circle:A free-to-join reward program allowing users to earn 1% in Target Circle earnings rewards when an eligible purchase is made, access deals and personalized offers, get a birthday gift, and earn a vote to help direct how Target helps out your community.
  • Target Circle Card:A credit, debit, or reloadable account card that gives users 5% off in-store and online as well as exclusive offers, free two-day shipping, and an additional 30-day returns window. Formerly Target RedCard.
  • Sign up for Target Circle here


  • Walmart+: $12.95 per month or $98 per year with a free 30-day trial. Offers members free delivery, free shipping with no minimum spend, fuel savings, Paramount+ subscription, auto car, Walmart+ travel, returns from home, mobile scan and go in-store, and early access to deals and product releases.
  • Sign up for Walmart+ here

Sam’s Club backed up its decision to remove free shipping for Plus Members in a statement to The U.S. Sun in June.

"At Sam’s Club, we are continuously working on providing an easier and more convenient shopping experience for our members," a spokesperson said in the statement.

"With this change, we are providing members with access to different ways of shopping, making it easier for them to get the products they want, when and how they want them – all designed to help them get more value from their membership.

"As part of this move, we’re also improving item availability online. More items will ship free with no added shipping fees to give members the most consistent in club and online experience."

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'Idiotic move,' Sam's Club members rage over new policy & threaten Costco move (11)
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'Idiotic move,' Sam's Club members rage over new policy & threaten Costco move (12)

Costco's Executive membership costs $120 and its Gold Star membership costs $60 annually, the website said.

However, both do not include free shipping, similar to Sam's Club's new change.


  • Sam's Club





'Idiotic move,' Sam's Club members rage over new policy & threaten Costco move (2024)


What is Sam's Club's new policy? ›

The club is revoking free shipping for online orders under $50, and it will only offer it for “qualifying orders of $50 or more,” according to an email that was sent to members.

Is Sam's getting rid of free shipping? ›

Shipping, delivery changes coming to Sam's Club

Shipping for Plus members: Free shipping will be available on orders worth $50 or more, and a $8 shipping fee will apply to orders that do not qualify. Sam's Club warns “some category exclusions apply whereby variable shipping will be charged.”

Which one is better, Sam's Club or Costco? ›

Costco has more stores across the globe, is expanding rapidly, and generally offers cheaper prices than Sam's Club does, although the latter charges slightly less for membership, has a bigger presence in the U.S., and stocks more name brands.

Are Costco and Sams Club rivals? ›

Costco's warehouse retail competitor Sam's Club has recently ramped up efforts for customer retention. Both big-box stores are beloved for selling high-quality items at lower price points, which offers shoppers an easy way to buy in bulk and save some money.

Why did Sam's Club revoke my membership? ›

Writing bad checks. Shoplifting. Violent behavior. Abusive, disrespectful or threatening behavior toward an Associate.

Do you have to stop at the door at Sam's Club? ›

It's easy, you just walk through the arches after paying via a register with an associate, self-checkout or Scan & Go™ checkout. The cameras in the arch capture your cart and match your purchases with receipts to confirm payment for all items. Once your cart is verified, you can walk out.

What is Sam's Club changing? ›

Sam's Club announced that starting Aug. 19, it will no longer offer free shipping for all orders. Instead, customers must spend at least $50 before taxes to qualify for free or same-day shipping. If you spend less than $50, a flat rate of $8 will be charged.

Why am I not getting free shipping on Sam's Club? ›

Sam's Club is raising the minimum purchase needed to qualify for free shipping. The membership club will offer free shipping on “qualifying orders of $50 or more,” the company said in an email last month.

How much do you have to order from Sam's Club to get free shipping? ›

Plus members: Plus members with an active membership receive free shipping on eligible items, no minimum purchase.

What is the #1 selling item at Costco? ›

Toilet paper

Yes, that's right! Costco's best-selling item is its Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue. It sells more than a billion rolls every year, bringing in over $400 million dollars in revenue.

Which is older, Costco or Sam's Club? ›

Sam's club was founded Aril 7 1983. Price Club was founded July 12th 1976 San Diego California. Costco September 15th 1983 Seattle Washington. Since Price Club merged with Costco in 1993.

Can you use someone else's Sam's card? ›

For security purposes, ONLY YOU the member on record, may use your membership card. Household and add-on members have their own membership card and unique number variation. Change/update cardholder info using the app or your online account.

Who is Costco biggest rival? ›

Costco Wholesale Corp's (COST) main competitors in the highly competitive retail market of large discount stores are Walmart Inc. (WMT) and Target Corporation (TGT). These companies are also sometimes classified as consumer defensive stocks.

Who is Sam's Club biggest competitor? ›

Sam's Club Ranks 5th in Pricing Score
4Chiquita Brands International65
2 more rows

Do you really save money at Sam's Club? ›

You'll find a world of discounts at Sam's Club compared to big-box retailers like Walmart. But the true savings tend to arise in the context of bulk purchases. The quantity discounts you can get at Sam's Club are really hard to beat.

What is Sam's Club attendance policy? ›

if you are absent and do not have enough ppto to cover that shift you will receive 1 whole point. if your are tardy you will receive . 5 a point. double points for missing a shift on holidays or special sales.

How many guests can I bring to Sam's? ›

Sam's Club Guest Policy Overview: You are welcome to bring up to two guests to Sam's Club. However, members must accompany their children and guests at all times. ONLY a member may purchase items.

Will Sam's Club adjust prices? ›

Sam's Club

According to Sam's Club's website, you can request to match another Sam's Club's pricing, but clearance or marked-down items won't be matched. Sam's Club does not price-match competitors.

Why upgrade Sam's Club membership? ›

Plus membership provides the best, highest value available. If you run a business, Plus benefits like free shipping, Curbside Pickup and early shopping hours can help take your business to the next level.


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