How to Unblock Tamilrockers | Top 20 TamilRockers Proxy Sites in 2021 (2024)

From a bootleg recording network launched in 2011 to one of the top 10 torrent websites for Indian movies and shows, Tamilrockers has come a long way. This website allowing peer-to-peer file sharing allows users to watch and download TV series, music audio & video files, and movies via torrent files and magnetic links. Unfortunately, the site has been blocked by ISPs since it’s a pirate website. Having said that, there are ways to unblock Tamilrockers and even access its proxy sites to view and download the choicest content. This article presents a list of Tamilrockers mirror sites and methods to unlock the site to redeem its services. Have a look!

How to Unblock TamilRockers?

There are a number of ways to unblock the torrent website TamilRockers. One can use proxy sites that will give access to the required content while concealing your IP address so as to protect your online activities. Besides using proxies, one can use special VPN services that will let you stay anonymous online. Scroll down to know how to unblock Tamilrockers in great detail:

1. By Using Proxy Sites

Unlike a direct connection between web users and the online resource, a proxy-based connection acts as a gateway between the two. These proxies can modify or mask web request data and allow unrestricted access to web content. Most proxies hide the user’s IP address and allot them a different address so that they can redeem desired information available online. Given below is the list of top 20 Tamilrockers proxy or mirror sites you can use:

2. By Using VPN

Virtual private networks aka VPNs is another way to access a blocked site. These networks bypass local restriction with the help of encrypted online connection that eventually allows users to access what they want. VPN hides the user’s online activities and gives access to the website without any ado. To effortlessly access TamilRockers, you can invest in a fast, safe, and reliable VPN service. Some of the most popular VPN services you can use in India include:

  • NordVPN – Efficient and speedy
  • ExpressVPN – Premium quality VPN
  • TorGuard – Ideal for torrenting
  • IPVanish – Offers multi-device support
  • FastestVPN – Best for streaming services
  • CyberGhost – Has the largest network of VPN servers

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3. By Resetting Proxy Settings

Many times, web users aren’t able to access certain websites because the proxy settings of their browser have been modified. In such cases, they should reset the proxy settings of their web browser and then check if this works for them. Well, to change the settings, find the “Advanced” option on your web browser’s settings page. Then tap on the “Connections”, “Accessibility” or “Network” option. Choose “Open your computer’s proxy settings” under the System tab or find “LAN Settings”. Now enable the “No proxy” option or untick “Use a proxy server for your LAN”.

4. By Using Tor Browser

Tor Browser is one of the safest ways to access certain websites in the regions they are blocked. Users can download the browser and then use it to explore the blocked websites. Well, the Tor Brower is one of the oldest browsers out there that uses the onion routing method. It works by sending your access request through three random servers in the Tor network. Then the last server in the network directs the traffic out into the public network domain.

To access unblock websites using Tor Browser, download the browser from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. While iOS users can find OnionBrowser, those using Android devices have to search for OrBot or OrFox. You can also access the desktop version of the browser. Once you have downloaded the software, install it and it’s ready to use.

How to Use Tor Browser

Tor Browser allows you to access .onion websites that can’t be accessed otherwise. For instance, you can use the browser to access Facebook athttps://www.facebookcorewwwi.onionwhich won’t be accessible via a regular browser. Similarly, you can try TamilRockers with the .onion web extension and see if that works. If you get to access the torrent site TamilRockers, it’s good. If not, you will get a ‘404’ error. This means the website or service has blocked the browser from accessing its content.

5. By Modifying DNS Server

If none of the above methods work, try to modify the DNS servers in your network. For this, you need to open “Network and Sharing Center”. Then find the “Properties” option by right-clicking the active internet connection. Now tap “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and then choose “Properties”. After this, you have to enable “Use the DNS server addresses”. Then in the edit box, type in the “Preferred DNS server” box and in the “Alternate DNS server” box. Choose “Ok” and you are done!

6. By Using Web Proxies

You can also try other web proxies to access the desired website. Also known as online proxies, these proxy sites will connect your device to a proxy server over the web and subsequently allow you to browse the choicest websites. Some other web proxies you can use are:



TamilRockers is a huge name in the world of torrent websites that allow access to movies, TV shows, and music. But since it streams content on the web illegally, the Government of India has banned it. Fortunately, there are ways to operate TamilRockers and enjoy binge-watching like before. Torrent users can use TamilRockers proxy sites that will allow them to access internet data by masking their IP address. Another way to unlock TamilRockers is by using a good VPN service or website that will allow switching to a series of new web addresses. One can also change the browser’s proxy settings or use other web proxies – whatever works for them!

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How to Unblock Tamilrockers | Top 20 TamilRockers Proxy Sites in 2021 (2024)


How do I open the TamilRockers website? ›

a) On your browser, open Google Chrome. b) Now type “Proxysite” on the browser's address bar. Click on the “enter” button. c) After clicking the enter key, you will land on the Proxy website.

Is TamilRockers still working? ›

Looks like the infamous piracy website TamilRockers has finally been blocked. TamilRockers is a public torrent website which uploads the pirated versions of Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English, Malayalam, Kannada and other language films on their site.

Why is TamilRockers not working? ›

TamilRockers continues to be offline as of October 20 afternoon and many say that this is because their domain has been suspended. Speculations are that Amazon must have intervened directly since all of its new releases have made it to the site within a few hours after release.

How to open TamilMV? ›

The best way to unblock Tamilmv is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPNs are designed to help you access websites and services from anywhere in the world without being blocked. When you connect to a VPN, it routes your connection request through a secure server in another location, where the site is not blocked.

What is the alternative website for TamilRockers? ›'s top 5 competitors in May 2024 are:,,,, and more.

Is TamilRockers website banned? ›

TamilRockers website has been blocked by the Government of India. Operating a torrent or using any torrent website is a crime.

What happens to TamilRockers? ›

TamilRockers is the tenth most popular torrent site in TorrentFreak's Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2020 list. In India, ISPs have been ordered to block access to the website. The website continues operation by switching to a series of new web addresses.

What are the real TamilRockers? ›

Who were the Tamilrockers? Tamilrockers was a piracy website that was run by a group that came to be known by the same name. The origins of the group are largely unknown, but if some reports are to be believed, they came into existence around 2011.

Did TamilRockers get caught? ›

A few members (admin) of the website, which has been giving sleepless nights to Kollywood film makers and producers, were booked and arrested, on Thursday at Coimbatore.

What is the latest URL of TamilMV? ›

  • The latest URL for TamilMV is http tamilmv dot biz/. ...
  • The website has been in operation since 2020 and offers users with a range of features such as movie reviews, trailers, latest news related to upcoming films, interactive forums and more.
Jun 9, 2018

Why is TamilMV not opening? ›

due to copyright violations both TamilMV and Tamilrockers links are blocked by Govt. so you can't directly open the websites in your browser. you can access blocked tamilrockers and tamilmv links using a VPN service or proxy service.

What is the domain name of TamilMV? ›

The latest URL for TamilMV is http tamilmv dot biz/. TamilMV is an online platform for Tamil movies which is dedicatedly maintained by a team of editors and webmaster who are passionate about bringing to the viewers the best of Tamil cinema from the past and present.

How does TamilRockers website work? ›

TamilRockers record the movie print in some local theaters and then upload the same on the website. Every member gets paid for the work based on the number of times the print has been downloaded.

Where can I watch TamilRockers series? ›


Is downloading movies from TamilRockers illegal? ›

Tamilrockers in India

Since piracy is illegal in India, the Indian government has banned Tamilrockers but the website remains online as it routinely changes its domain name extension and can also be accessed via proxy sites which lead users to the website.

Does TamilRockers have an app? ›

Tamilrockers is a Movie Review Application, you can get latest tamil movies, new malayalam Movies, and Bollywood movie reviews and rating using tamil rockers com app.


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