Best Fuel Pumps: Help Your Car Run Its Best (2024)

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BYAmy Poole, Nikola Petrovski/ LAST UPDATED ON June 15, 2021

A fuel pump helps to distribute fuel throughout your vehicle so you can get to your destination safely. If your vehicle is in need of a new fuel pump, you’ll require a top-of-the-line product that is long lasting and improves your car’s performance. It’s important to search for products that have been tested and are from a reputable supplier. Fortunately, we’ve taken the stress and confusion out of searching for the best fuel pumps. This buying guide outlines the top products on the market.

Best Overall

TopScope Fuel Pump


This TopScope fuel pump is compatible with 1997-2000 Jeep Cherokee 2.5L-4L and 1997-2000 Jeep Cherokee 4L-6L vehicles. Your purchase also includes a fuel pressure regulator.


  • The pump lasts for several thousand miles
  • The product is long-lasting and reliable
  • This pump begins working as soon as it’s installed into your vehicle


  • Fairly difficult to install as the fuel pump is spring-loaded
  • Expensive compared to other fuel pumps on the market

Best Value


This electric fuel pump is fitted with a full copper winding. The product is compatible with a range of 12-volt vehicles, including Toyota, Ford, Mazda, Honda, and more.


  • Offers strong suction power to provide stable fuel feeding
  • The manufacturer offers a one-year guarantee
  • An inexpensive purchase


  • Although it’s supposed to be a heavy-duty product, some customers needed to replace it after several uses
  • Flow rate isn’t as fast as other units

Honorable Mention

ECCPP Fuel Pump


This effective fuel pump checks fuel from the car’s fuel tank, pressurizes it, and then delivers the fuel to the supply pipe. It’s compatible with 2001-2003 Sierra 3500 V8 8.1L and 1999-2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 V6 4.3L vehicles.


  • A low-noise pump while in use
  • The manufacturer promises a guaranteed supply of continuous fuel to the injector
  • Customers reported that it’s easy to replace their fuel pump with this product


  • Fuel pump is only compatible with a small range of vehicles
  • The package doesn’t come with a pressure sensor like some other fuel pumps

Best Fuel Pumps Reviews & Recommendations 2021

We like the TopScope Fuel Pump and put it on the top spot on our list because it's high quality and easy to use. This metal, electronic fuel pump is created with top-tier components that are meant to match your car’s OEM materials and parts. All of the brand’s fuel pumps are tested before they’re sold — and even more importantly, they’re frustration-free so you can ensure your installation process is simple. Each TopScope pump measures 15.75 x 5.51 x 5.51 inches and weighs 3.09 pounds. When your new fuel pump arrives, it’ll be made to match (or even perform better than) your vehicle’s OEM specifications in fit, design, and function. Just make sure you verify that this fuel pump is a perfect fit for your exact make, model, and year, as it won’t fit every vehicle out there.

Replacing an old, malfunctioning, or otherwise problematic fuel pump doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money — the Yoneda Electric Fuel Pump 12V is proof of this. We like this fuel pump because it’s both reasonably priced and performs well once it’s installed. This electric replacement part delivers an output pressure of 4.5 to 7 PSI and has an input voltage of 12 volts. With a 1.5 amp current, 80 to 85 liters-per-hour flow, and a 5/16 inch hose, it’s a perfect fit for a number of different makes and models. In fact, it’ll actually work in cars as well as all other compatible 12-volt vehicles and devices, so it can work in some trucks, boats, carburetors, lawnmowers, and even generators. And with a one-year warranty, it’s also reliable. However, you may need to rely on that warranty, as some pumps have a tendency to burn out within just weeks of use.

Best for GMC/Chevy Trucks

ECCPP Fuel Pump

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Trucks can require more specialized parts than passenger cars, and the ECCPP Fuel Pump will make it easy to replace or upgrade your OEM pump. Made to fit GMC and Chevrolet trucks made between 1999 and 2003, you can use this fuel pump in Sierra 1500 and Silverado pickups with different engines and different model years. The part measures 7 x 8 x 17 inches and is made out of cast iron and rubber components. It’s a low-noise pump, which works pretty quietly in the background while your truck is running. It can improve driving comfort and is solidly reliable. Before buying this fuel pump, however, you’ll want to make sure it’s a fit for your truck’s exact part numbers to ensure you can use it. Additionally, installation can be challenging, so you may want to turn to a professional for help.

If you’re searching for a fuel pump that’s versatile and provides an almost universal fit, the JDMSpeed Universal 12V Heavy Duty Electric Fuel Pump is the part you need. This electric replacement part really is almost completely universal — it’ll not only work with all 12-volt cars and trucks, but it’ll also work in boats, carburetors, lawnmowers, and generators. As a 12-volt pump with a 1.8-amp current, it’ll deliver an output pressure of 3 to 6 PSI with a 70 liters-per-hour flow. It measures 5.91 x 3.54 x 3.15 inches overall. And whether the items or vehicles you need a new fuel pump for run on gasoline or diesel, this part will work. It’s durable too, due to its 100-percent brass construction that can resist corrosion and keep your car (or other device) operating smoothly.

If you’re hoping to find a fuel pump that includes everything you need to get the installation done in your garage, the Carter P4594 In-Line Electric Fuel Pump is a great option. This wholly comprehensive replacement part, which is designed for vehicles only, comes with a complete installation kit and instructions. While other fuel pumps leave you to your own devices (and the internet’s help) for the installation process, this product has you covered from start to finish. The electric fuel pump itself measures 7 x 4 x 5 inches, and it features a 1/4-inch NPT inlet and outlet. It’s a 12-volt part with a universal fit rotary vane design for increased reliability. It delivers 6 to 8 PSI and is made with OE standards for fit and function in mind. This pump will work with leaded, unleaded, or diesel fuel for extra versatility.


  • If your vehicle is making a high-pitched sound when you first engage the engine, this could be a sign that you need to replace or fix the fuel pump.
  • Should you experience a sudden issue with accelerating (i.e., no power), purchase a new fuel pump to prevent permanent difficulties or safety issues.
  • Always use high-quality gasoline in your vehicle. If the fuel contains high levels of impurities, this can block the filter and damage your vehicle. Regularly replacing your vehicle’s fuel pump can help with this issue.


Q: What are some safe ways to replace a fuel pump?

A: Always keep enough fuel within your tank for the pump to submerge in gas. You should always wear gloves to protect your hands, and always wait for your vehicle to cool down before replacing the pump.

Q: How will a new fuel pump benefit your car?

A: A new fuel pump improves your car’s fuel efficiency and better control over your steering. You’ll also encounter a much smoother and safer ride.

Q: How can you take care of a fuel pump?

A: If you properly take care of your vehicle’s fuel pump, it will likely last the entire duration of the car. To do so, never let your car’s fuel levels fall below a quarter of a tank. Filling up with gas when the tank is empty can cause a thermal shock to the pump, making it more prone to damage.

Final Thoughts

For the best fuel pump, we recommend the TopScope Fuel Pump. This fuel pump is durable, reliable, and includes a fuel pressure regulator.

For a budget-friendly fuel pump, the Yoneda Electric Fuel Pump 12V is an ideal substitute. The fuel pump is easy to use and works with a variety of vehicles.

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Best Fuel Pumps: Help Your Car Run Its Best (2024)


Best Fuel Pumps: Help Your Car Run Its Best? ›

For the best fuel pump, we recommend the TopScope Fuel Pump. This fuel pump is durable, reliable, and includes a fuel pressure regulator. For a budget-friendly fuel pump, the Yoneda Electric Fuel Pump 12V is an ideal substitute. The fuel pump is easy to use and works with a variety of vehicles.

Does a better fuel pump increase horsepower? ›

By itself, a high-flow fuel pump will not increase power, but it will provide the ability to increase power by providing a higher flow of fuel to the engine when major engine upgrades are performed.

Does fuel pump affect car performance? ›

A failing/failed fuel pump will cause major performance and drivability issues with your vehicle. If your fuel to air ratio is off and the cylinders aren't getting enough fuel, then the pistons aren't firing and your engine is struggling to move the vehicle forward.

Which type of fuel pump is more efficient? ›

Efficiency: Electric fuel pumps are generally more efficient than their mechanical counterparts.

Will a new fuel pump improve gas mileage? ›

Loss of fuel efficiency – Modern fuel pumps are computer-controlled to provide just the right amount of fuel. Whether you're getting too little or too much, it will negatively impact your fuel efficiency. If your vehicle is getting poor mileage for no apparent reason, it could be your fuel pump.

What adds the most horsepower to an engine? ›

Supercharger or turbocharger

Also known as forced induction parts, both of these components force air into your car's engine which improves horsepower and torque. A turbocharger works with the exhaust system and can potentially give you gains of 70-150 horsepower.

What are the symptoms of a weak fuel pump? ›

Signs Your Fuel Pump is Going Bad

Whining noise coming from the fuel tank area when the engine is running. Stalling that will restart after several minutes. Trouble starting the car. Lack of power.

Can a fuel pump affect acceleration? ›

If you experience problems with your vehicle's acceleration, this could be due to a failing fuel pump. When the pump is unable to deliver the necessary amount of fuel, the vehicle may struggle to accelerate as it should.

Will a car run with a weak fuel pump? ›

Some vehicles can limp along with a malfunctioning fuel pump for a few blocks or even miles. But driving with a poorly performing fuel pump is not good for your vehicle, so it's important to look out for signs of trouble before you end up stranded or stalled in traffic.

Who has the best fuel pump? ›

Our Top Picks For Fuel Pumps
  • Spectra Premium Industries Fuel Pumps.
  • Delphi Fuel Pumps.
  • Bosch Fuel Pumps.
  • Holley Fuel Pump.

Are OEM fuel pumps better than aftermarket? ›

There is no contest here. An OEM fuel pump is built to exacting standards, and it will work exactly as intended.

What weakens a fuel pump? ›

Several factors can lead to their malfunction or complete failure: Contaminated Fuel: Dirt, debris, or water in the fuel can damage the pump over time. These contaminants can cause increased friction, leading to premature wear of the pump components. Wear and Tear: Like all mechanical parts, fuel pumps have a lifespan.

Which company pump is best? ›

The 10 Best Water Pumps For Home Use in India [2023 Guide]
  • Kirloskar Jalraaj 0.5 HP Water Pump. ...
  • Crompton Aquagold 0.5 HP Water Pump. ...
  • Kirloskar Submersible Water Pump. ...
  • Havells Aquaselfie 1 HP Water Pump. ...
  • Crompton Aquagold 1 HP Water Pump. ...
  • Kirloskar Jalraaj 1 HP Water Pump. ...
  • Havells Aquaselfie 2 HP Water Pump.
Feb 16, 2023

Which pump has highest efficiency? ›

The most efficient pump design is a centrifugal pump. A centrifugal pump is a type of pump that uses the force of rotation to move fluid through the device. Centrifugal pumps are generally more efficient than other types of pumps because they can move a greater amount of fluid with each turn of the impeller.

How do I choose a good pump? ›

List of 5 Key Points to Take Care of While Buying Right Best Pumps
  1. Educate Yourself with the Types of Pumps and Their Uses.
  2. Pump Specifications.
  3. Pressure & Temperature Specifications.
  4. Calculate the Number of Pumps Required.
  5. Choose the Right Power Source.

Does fuel pump affect power? ›

Power Loss

If you notice your vehicle loses power when you drive up steep inclines or load it up with cargo, your fuel pump could be the culprit. As with faster speeds, the engine requires more gasoline to operate under stress. You'll lose power if the pump isn't working properly.

What size fuel pump do I need for 400hp? ›

Making the Choice
Fuel Pump Free FlowCarbureted EngineFuel Injected Engine
30 gph/114 lph350 hp300 hp
40 gph/155 lph450 hp400 hp
50 gph/190 lph600 hp500 hp
67 gph/255 lph750 hp650 hp
2 more rows

Does a new fuel pump make a difference? ›

Driving with a bad fuel pump can create premature wear and tear on your engine, lowering the car's value. A faulty pump can cause sudden engine power loss, which could lead to a traffic accident or another dangerous situation.

How much power does a fuel pump add? ›

No, fuel pumps only deliver fuel to the engine. The power developed is determined by the design of the engine and the fuel metering system.


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