ATM Near Me | Find The Nearest ATM Location | ATM Locator NL (2024)

Find the nearest ATM now using an ATM Locator.

One of those days when you need to pay with cash and want to quickly withdraw money, so you need to easily find the nearest ATM in The Netherlands? Use your current location or enter the location manually and instantly find an ATM near you. With the “ATM locator” below, ATMs are listed and displayed on the map, so you can easily navigate to an ATM with one click using Google Maps.

Obviously, our aim is to map out all Dutch ATMs, but we can always use extra help with this. If an ATM / Geldmaat is missing from the list, please let us know via the contact form . Finding an ATM near your location has never been easier!

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How to use the “ATM locator” to find an ATM?

The easiest and fastest way to find one or more ATMs in your area is to use our “ATM locator”. Follow these 3 simple steps and you can withdraw the necessary euros in no time:

  1. Location >> Use your current location with the built-in GPS receiver of your smartphone or simply enter your location manually. This can be a zip code, street name (possibly with house number) and / or city name.
  2. Bank >> If you are specifically looking for an ATM from ABN AMRO, ING Bank, Rabobank or one of the other ATM / Geldmaat banken, you can select add your bank to search query e.g. ‘pinautomaat abn amro’. If no selection is made, all banks are shown in the list and on the map.
  3. Directions >> Have you filled in everything? Then click on the PLAN ROUTE button, so that the list and map of ATMs can be displayed. Select the desired ATM and if desired, click on the ‘Directions’ link in the results so that Google Maps can advise you the shortest route and navigate to your destination.

ATM opening hours?

More and more ATMs are being completely destroyed by thuds, with the aim of stealing all the money in the machines. That is why the Dutch Banking Association (NVB) has decided to take measures to make it more difficult for criminals to crack the ATMs of banks and Geldmaat (new yellow ATM). This means that all ATMs are closed / switched off between 11 pm and 7 am , so no money can be withdrawn. Withdraw money, ATM out of order and wondering which ATM is still open? The ATMs of GWK Geldwisselkantoor are often open 24 hours. However, these are often only located at stations, airports and in large cities.

How much money is in an ATM?

This depends on the ATM. Research has shown that there is an average of € 100,000 in an ATM, but in some cases it may also be that there is nothing in it at all. Exactly how much money is in an ATM is difficult to determine and is logically not generally disclosed for security reasons. After all, this would not help the problem of the increasing number of explosions.

Forgot your money in the ATM?

Were you dreaming for a while and forgot to take your money out of the ATM? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a lost cause if you follow the steps below:

  • Contact your bank immediately, because in most cases the machine will swallow your money again after 30 seconds.
  • Write down the ATM address.
  • The exact date and time of the withdrawal.
  • The amount you withdraw.
  • Contact your bank anyway, even if you know the money has been swallowed. If only to confirm that your money will be refunded.
  • In some cases, your successor will take your money from the ATM. Then, in addition to your bank, also contact the local police to file a report.

What do the new ATMs look like?

From 2020, ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank ATMs will gradually make way for Geldmaat. Geldmaat’s new ATMs are yellow in color and therefore almost impossible to miss. These yellow ATMs mainly use the existing ATMs of ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank. However, the software will be updated and they will gradually get a new yellow Geldmaat jacket. Furthermore, very little will change for you:

  • You keep your own bank card
  • You can withdraw money with any bank card
  • You remain a customer of your own bank
  • All machines work the same
  • You can withdraw as often and as much money as possible with your balance and card limit
  • You can deposit money at the separate cash deposit machines of Geldmaat
ATM Near Me | Find The Nearest ATM Location | ATM Locator NL (2024)


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